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City Wings is strikingly modern … more a chic lounge than a grab-and-go wing joint. There are high chairs lined behind a long bar bench overlooking the boulevard through the wall of windows at the front. A wood-paneled bench pressed against the wall extends lengthwise from one side of the restaurant to the other. The interior is spacious and uncluttered.


An attractive countertop cordons off the kitchen and service counter area, which are both totally open to the dining room. The kitchen is meticulously kept. Its well-ordered array of deep-frying baskets and gleaming brushed stainless steel equipment are all tuned to the music of sizzling chicken wings. The symphony of sounds at City Wings is an orchestra of crackling fry oil, clanging steel, register slides and trays delivered to tables, all background to the smooth R&B and soul music that play inside. Classic hip-hop soothingly placates eager customers, who bob their heads and drum their toes to the infectious bass lines.


While food preference is certainly subjective, the wings are City Wings are delectable. Only Amish chickens are used (no factory-farmed poultry here) and the rubs are made in-house. In fact, most of the food is made right inside the restaurant save for their fries, onion rings and okras. From the 17 different flavored wings to the beans, turkey and mac-and-cheese, the recipes are generations old and the ingredients organic.



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